broadacre center pivot irrigation

Broadacre Center Pivot Irrigation

Broadacre center pivot irrigation systems are slowly replacing traditional irrigation. Center pivot irrigation provides many advantages, including efficiency, versatility, reliability, and eco-friendliness. It has proven 90-95% efficient in a variety of climates and soils and allows equal distribution of water. There is also uniformity during windy conditions and a reduction of runoff chemicals. Although there is a higher initial investment cost associated with center pivot irrigation systems, this is offset by the lower ongoing operational labour costs. The versatility of center pivot irrigation systems is proven by the way it promotes crop rotation and allows multiple crops under a single … Read more

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Pump set filtration Drip Irrigation for Avocados

Horticulture Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation uses emitters or drippers, pipes, valves, and tubing to slowly apply water directly to a plants root zone, while maintaining the optimum moisture level in the soil at all times. As a result, there is a reduction in water loss to the wind and sun, and water is not wasted on non-growth areas. Drip irrigation offers the advantage of allowing the water to be pushed deeper into the soil, thereby encouraging the roots to grow downwards rather than laterally, which is common with shallow watering. A low flow rate of water from outlets in a horticulture drip irrigation … Read more

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Solar powered stock water

Solar Powered Stock Water

Solar stock watering systems are a popular choice for watering livestock and are used to pump water from ponds, bores, and creeks. Solar stock watering systems provides an advantage over other watering systems, as they are less expensive than having the local utility companies run power long distances. Furthermore with a solar powered stock water system, you no longer have to deal with electric lines and poles in your pastures, which have the likelihood of being affected by thunderstorms. Solar panels have the ability to produce electricity during all sorts of weather conditions, hence proving to be extremely reliable as … Read more

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Poly Welding Kingaroy

Poly Welding

Burnett Water Services prides itself in offering poly welding services up to 1000mm in diameter. We can assist you with managing your projects including the design, planning fabrication, installation and commissioning the poly pipe solution. Compared to other plastic joining methods, poly welding mostly does not require any consumables and intensive surface preparation steps. Poly welding also prevents the tamper of internal components due to its permanent nature. It provides an airtight, leak tight seal and is a much lighter solution compared to other methods, such as mechanical fasteners. Poly welding solutions can be provided for various areas, such as: … Read more

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