Burnett Water Services prides itself in providing you a wide variety of agricultural water solutions. We tailor our services according to your needs to ensure you opt for the best crop irrigation system for your property, including:

  • Broadacre Irrigation
  • Orchard Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Center Pivot Irrigation
  • Irrigation Supplies

From irrigation supplies and pumping equipment to focusing on the design, supply, installation, and servicing of broadacre and horticultural irrigation systems, bores and pumping equipment, we cover it all.

Broadacre Irrigation
Irrigation Pump Set
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Stock Water

The livestock industry comprises a huge portion of the agricultural sector and demands its own set of water requirements. Water plays a huge role in good livestock husbandry in multiple areas, such as feed production, pasture irrigation, dairy operations, stock watering, and the cooling of animal facilities.

We cater to your needs by providing expert advice and professional consulting and can assist with livestock water supply solutions, borehole drilling and irrigation, and pumping equipment. We also specialise in solar bore pumps and livestock water solutions and the repair and maintenance of pumps and equipment.

Commercial & Industrial

Burnett Water Services sets itself apart by catering to all industries. Whether it’s large-scale industrial system design, custom manufactured water solutions, project management, technical support, or installation and commissioning of water systems, we have multiple solutions for your needs.

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the design and installation of commercial water and irrigation systems, we can solve your commercial irrigation problems with ease. Our commercial water management systems and solutions can help maintain your water management systems and assets, reducing your operating costs through increased efficiencies.

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Burnett Water Services
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Whether you’re in need for a complete home irrigation system, or just sprinkler or pressure pumps for your garden, look no further than Burnett Water Services. We are equipped with the right expertise and product range to tackle your problems. We offer a wide range of domestic water, irrigation, and plumbing solutions and can, also, assist you with garden drip irrigation system design, installation and maintenance.

We specialise in pump repairs and maintenance and offer a variety of pumps, bore accessories and systems, including household pressure pumps, pump repairs, micro-irrigation, garden drip irrigation systems for any project.

Mining & Civil

With a proven track record in delivering high-quality water industry projects, Burnett Water Services, also caters to the mining and civil sectors in the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of such services such as irrigation infrastructure, water and sewerage treatment plants and water and sewerage pump stations.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can advise you on the best design and products for your site’s needs according to your budget. We will work closely with you to deliver your requirements on time and in a cost-effective manner.

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